Seed Stitch Coaster Pattern

Do you have a stash of yarn larger than you’d like to admit? Don’t be shy, go ahead and raise your hand. I’m right there with you!

Last year, I purchased a lot of yarn, assuming I would use it for product replenishment during market season. Unfortunately, I had a pretty slow market season this past fall, so I didn’t need nearly as much yarn as I expected. This year, I’ve made a concerted effort to find projects and patterns that can use up a stash quickly and easily – storing yarn can take up a lot of space! There are lots of stash busting projects out there, but I also like to brainstorm my own. A lot of times, I prefer to knit a project on the fly, without using a pattern, because it allows me to focus on the rhythm of the stitches, or even multitask and watch a movie with my fiancé. That’s how the pattern below was born!

It’s an incredibly simple pattern – seed stitch with a slipped edge for a clean look. It should take you less than an hour to whip one of these coasters up if you’re an experienced knitter. If you’re new to knitting in general, or the seed stitch specifically, this small project will be great practice for you! You can tailor these coasters to match your home decor, as they look great in any color.

A HUGE thank you to my wonderful pattern testers! Without you, this pattern release wouldn’t be possible.

Photo © Grace Dailey 2019.


US 8 knitting needles

Approximately 10g of 100% cotton yarn, weight category 4

Tapestry needle

Finished dimensions: 4.25” length, 4.75” width

Gauge is not crucial for this project, but you should have an approximate gauge of 4.5 sts and 5.5-5.75 rows = 1″.


K = knit

P = purl

St, Sts = stitch, stitches

Sl1kw = slip 1 stitch knitwise

CO = cast on

BO = bind off


CO 19 sts using the long tail cast-on method

Row 1: Sl1kw, *k1, p1, repeat from * until last st, p1

Repeat Row 1 twenty-six more times.

Bind off using your favorite bind off method, and weave in ends.

And you’re finished! I hope you enjoy this pattern! I’d love to see your finished coasters, so please share your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #polarpurls or tag me at @polar_purls on Instagram.

P.S. Coaster sets make a nice little gift, and they take very little time! 😉

This pattern is the first in a series I’m creating dedicated to quick and easy stash-busting projects. Stay tuned for the next pattern! In the meantime, if you want to suggest a project type that you’d like to see, leave a comment below.

In the meantime, check out my Pinterest for lots more pattern ideas and suggestions!

© 2019 Stephanie Andrews.

You are free to sell finished items made using this pattern. However, reproduction, distribution or resale of this pattern is expressly prohibited. Photos featured in this blog are not to be used for sale of products or finished items. Those who violate this copyright will be prosecuted.

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